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"After attending the 2011 Columbus Home Improvement Show and interviewing 6 different companies, we hired Phil Baker and the Baker Group Basement Remodeling company to makeover our unfinished basement. We wanted a large room free of any obstructions for a 12 foot quilting frame, and an area for art and fabric painting, as well as leaving an everyday section for usual basement items. Phil clearly pinpointed the areas that needed to be improved and created a design that accommodated each and every need, along with a very competitive price for the basement transformation. Baker Group relocated the existing centered main waste stack to another area allowing us the 12’ x 24’ area the frame would require. To accomplish this, a portion of the cement floor had to be dug up, additional pipe laid, and then the floor re-cemented. The entire basement was rewired for extra outlets, a dropped ceiling installed with 12 fluorescent light fixtures, stud work positioned, walls insulated, mold resistant drywall installed, walls painted and the room trimmed out. Baker Group also closeted in the sump pump and relocated the central vacuum system, to include a closet, so that we would get the most useable space. All of the insulation around the air vents was provided extra protection and an extra air vent was added. The stairs were painted white to cover the original basement paint in order to ready the steps for carpeting. The stairs were then trimmed with stained wood and the glass block windows were trimmed out. The floor was then carpeted. In our new painting area, Jason made a custom set of three cabinets each containing 4 drawers and installed a sink along with a counter top. Additionally, extra outlets and lights were added to this area. Two pocket doors were then installed between the finished room and the painting section, one on each side of the stairs.

The actual work began on July 5th and was completed by August 5th. Phil’s crew members arrived punctually each day and cleaned up after each day’s work session. Time was scheduled effectively, and each stage of the job had realistic time goals for completion. Phil kept in daily contact so that we would know exactly what would be accomplished each day. This company is committed to excellence, and the quality of their work reflects high professional standards. The Baker Group strives for perfection. Phil continually put in little extra touches, paying attention to detail, ensuring that the work had a professional appearance and that the room looked like a total package when it was completed. All inspections were passed for the electric, plumbing, and building codes.

In today’s world of minimal customer service, we really appreciated having peace of mind that the job was completed right. One of the determining factors in choosing the Baker Group was their insistence on obtaining permits and having inspections. The job was well done, the quality beyond normal expectations, completed on time, and looks like an integral part of the entire house. All of the individuals in Phil’s crew were courteous, polite, and professional with every person working for the Baker Group demonstrating exceptional mastery of professional pride and skill. Phil is one of the nicest men you could hire to do any type of work in your home. He displays an energizing optimism along with a pleasant, always cheerful disposition. You will always appreciate his harmonious and cooperative spirit to accomplish objectives. He is always available to answer any questions or concerns and is willing to get the correct answers if he doesn’t know. The Baker Group company is a class act!

***We would like to nominate The Baker Group for the Page of Happiness Award. We are most certainly happy with our new rooms!"

" We LOVE the new basement. It's unbelievable. It's pretty messy right now, because we're still getting furniture and figuring out how to use the space, but it's fantastic even with the mess. :)

You were a pleasure to work with as well. Thanks for making the process so easy for us. It was very comfortable having you guys in our home."
" You turned the 560 square foot unfinished basement in our 1923 Clintonville home into gorgeous living space for our family. The project took three weeks from start to finish (after the appropriate permits were acquired). They prepped the space by tearing out old walls, doors, and cabinets, framed three rooms (and several storage areas) with steel studs, added insulation and mold-resistant drywall (including a drywall ceiling), painted, and trimmed the rooms. They also put in new, beautiful oak stair treads and hand rails and boxed in the glass block windows in the basement with gorgeous oak trim. Phil supervised the re-routing of components of our HVAC system, as well as our main gas line, in order to create a cleaner ceiling line. He also supervised the installation of 10 can lights throughout the basement living areas and 3 simpler light fixtures in storage areas. He met with city inspectors and ensured that all of the work that his crew and the sub-contractors did was up to code."
" I've also nominated you for the Angie's List "Page of Happiness." I hope that you get chosen!
The guarantees were great. We didn't expect to make any money off of them; we were just glad to know that you'd be on time each day and that the project would be completed on time. Some of the other contractors were spoke with didn't seem likely to live up to the same standards that you set for yourself.
On time and on budget are both great! "
" Yes, I think that you did everything that you said you would do and more. When I look at the door trim inside my laundry room, I just grin. You didn't have to do that, but it makes a big difference to me. I even point it out to people who come to see the basement, just to show them your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. "
"We think that you are doing everything right. You run your business very similarly to the way that we run ours. You listen to your customers' needs, come up with the best solutions to their problems, and handle the inevitable issues that come up during the project. You're honest, and you say what you mean. Your integrity and ability and willingness to problem solve is what earned you our business. If we had another basement, we'd have you remodel that one too."
" Yes. It was definitely a big expense, but it was worth it. The end result is GORGEOUS and exactly what we'd hoped for. Well worth the money. We could have had a panel system and dropped ceiling and had the work done without permits for nearly $10,000 less, but we wouldn't have been anywhere near as happy with that as we are with the work that you did. "
"Phil Baker and his crew did a beautiful job on our hardwood flooring. In fact, he offered up suggestions that I never would have thought to do and it made our kitchen look AMAZING! We went with his suggestion of a hand scraped hardwood with alternating 3" & 5" planks. They were very punctual and showed up at 8 AM Saturday morning at the exact time they said they would be there. They said the job would take two days and it took two days. They took out the tile with minimal disruption of our home and hauled it away. Phil and his crew were courteous and professional. They took the utmost care not to damage the floor during install and kept my trim molding in perfect condition. After their job I trusted them so much I had him do other work around the house as well. That was done with the same care and efficiency as the flooring. Phil Baker and crew can do it all at a very reasonable cost. I would invite anyone to come out and check out his work firsthand."